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Providing a Full Spectrum of Expertise

Continuous Commissioning®

A proven process developed and licensed by Energy Systems Laboratory at Texas A&M University. Continuous Commissioning provides a systematic approach to:

  • Identify and solve existing operating problems – this involves a thorough review of the systems and their operations in a facility.
  • Improve building thermal comfort and indoor air quality – look for problem areas within the facilities, find their root causes and improve occupant conditions for the facility users.
  • Minimize building energy consumption – take a critical engineering review of the use of the facility and how best to serve those uses. Don’t fall back to the original design – optimize the systems use by modifying it to fit how the facility is currently being used and occupied.
  • Minimize building energy cost
  • Provide knowledge-based and hands-on training to in-house facility management staff

Continuous Commissioning typically provides a payback of investment under a two year period for the initial efforts.

Specific Applications

  • Schools
  • Airports
  • Data Centers
  • Office Facilities

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