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Providing a Full Spectrum of Expertise


USGBC LEED EB Commissioning

Provide commissioning services related to the three potential USGBC LEED Credits including:

  • EA Credit 2.1: Investigation and Analysis. Develop a retrocommissioning, re-commissioning or ongoing commissioning plan for the building's major energy-using equipment. Conduct the investigation and analysis phase of the plan. Document the breakdown of energy use in the building. List the operating problems that affect occupants' comfort and energy use, and develop potential operational changes that will solve them. List the identified capital improvements that will provide cost-effective energy savings and document the cost-benefit analysis associated with each.
  • EA Credit 2.2: Implementation. Assist in implementing no- or low- cost operational improvements and create a capital plan for major retrofits or upgrades. Provide training for management staff that builds awareness and skills in a broad range of sustainable building operations topics. This could include energy efficiency and building, equipment and systems operations and maintenance. Demonstrate the observed and/or anticipated financial costs and benefits of measure that have been implemented. Update the building operating plan as necessary to reflect any changes in the occupancy schedule, equipment runtime schedule, design setpoints and lighting levels.
  • EA Credit 2.3: Ongoing Commissioning. Implement and ongoing commissioning program that includes elements of planning, system testing, performance verification, corrective action response, ongoing measurement and documentation to proactively address operation problems. Create a written plan that summarizes the overall commissioning cycle for the building by equipment group. Complete the work defined in the ongoing commissioning cycle for the first cycle. Update the building operating plan and/or systems narrative as necessary to reflect any changes in the occupancy schedule, equipment run-time schedule, design setpoints, lighting levels or system specifications.

Estidama Pearl Re-commissioning

Providing re-commissioning services in accordance with Estidama Pearl IDP-5 credit. Provide an ongoing commissioning plan to ensure that the building performs as it is designed, to protect occupant health and comfort and to provide ongoing building efficiency. Provide final building tuning one year after construction completion; re-commissioning two years after construction completion; and the development of the building Operation and Maintenance Manual; Building Log Book or similar record performance, staff training and maintenance schedules.

Operational Evaluations and Trouble Shooting

Provide on-site operational evaluations and troubleshooting services for problem areas. Create alternative operations or solutions and guide the client through a satisfactory implementation of corrective measures.

Operator Training

Provide operational and system design concept training to the maintenance staff, operational staff and management positions. Training includes all aspects of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and low voltage building systems.

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