The Satellite Central Utility Plant (SCUP) is a new 17,600 SF facility containing new heating hot water boilers and future chillers, the International Terminal is a new 280,000 SF Federal Inspection Services (FIS) facility with a Terminal, Concourse, and Parking Garage. The opening date for the FIS Facility was October 15, 2015 with the supporting facilities (parking garage and SCUP) completed shortly thereafter. Energy Systemís Laboratory and CCLLC were retained to act as HAS Infrastructure Divisionís and HOU Maintenance staffís commissioning agent to perform Functional Commissioning on the above facilities.

CCLLC developed the Commissioning Plan, schedule, provided Project Management and coordination for the commissioning team, developed and implemented the Functional Performance Tests to document system operation. Systems included in the commissioning scope of work were Chillers, Boilers, Air Handling Units, Flight Information Displays (FIDs), Baggage Information Displays (BIDs), Fire Alarm Systems, Baggage Handling Systems, Passenger Boarding Bridges, Pre-conditioned Air Systems, Back-up Generators and Transfer Switches, Elevators and Conveyance Systems as well as others.

In addition to performing Functional Commissioning, the CCLLC Team collected data to input into the HAS Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS) to store condition assessment data on assets installed as part of the project.