CCLLC supported Ameresco in the IGA for Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) in North Carolina. CCLLC combined onsite surveys, sequence reviews, and engineering analysis to identify building requirements, HVAC system deficiencies, Continuous Commissioning® optimization measures, and other ECMs impacting HVAC system performance. Site surveys during the IGA phase are intended to collect information including but not limited to building usage, occupancy requirements, installed equipment configuration and condition, BAS capability, and operational challenges.

Field testing and investigative activities resulted in the generation of a Continuous Commissioning® Issues Log CCxL that includes observed issues and specific recommended corrective actions. The key sensors and devices of the building mechanical systems were tested for accuracy and performance. This targeted effort captured obvious issues preventing successful implementation of the process as well as typical challenges impacting operations at the site.

Onsite access to the BAS, as-built controls drawings, site survey information, and project ECM list were used to generate the Continuous Commissioning® Measure Matrix. The targeted optimization measures are divided into five categories: scheduling, air-handlers, terminal units, chilled/condenser water plant, and heating water plant.

The CCM Matrix presented results in three scope categories: modifications to existing systems/sequences, upgrades to controls systems, and coordination with other HVAC related upgrades. The approach to layout the CCMs in one of the three categories of increasing control/system capability will result in more accurate prediction of the total savings estimated. The benefits of this approach include accounting for savings from control sequence modifications based on the cumulative ECMs applied to any system, preventing double-counting of savings.