As the first building on the Central Texas campus, Founders Hall includes all of the components necessary to support an independent institution. The 4 story, 103,000 SQFT facility includes: classrooms both large and small as well as office space for the faculty, academic departments and administration, student and enrollment services, food service, bookstore and facility support.
The building is design as the center piece of the new campus. The facility is constructed to adapt as the campus grows and will serve as a recruiting tool and community center.

The facility was design and commissioned with comfort, durability, and operational efficiency in mind. The process focused specifically on the design, installation, and operation of energy consuming systems. The systemís commissioned by the Command Commissioning team include but were not limited to: an air-cooled chiller with two variable volume chilled water pumps, 4 chilled water variable volume AHUís, 2 heating water boilers with two hot water pumps, a central building automation system, one life safety diesel-driven generator and a fire detection system.