An ongoing commissioning program containing two buildings totaling approximately 1.2Mil. SQFT of office, kitchen, and data center space. The program includes the following elements per LEED-EB O&M: planning, system testing, performance verification, corrective action response, and ongoing measurements and documentation to proactively address operating problems and changes in facility occupancy and usage.  The central plant, air handling units, terminal units, lighting, and associated controls in each building are re-commissioned during a 12-month period every two years with quarterly functional testing. Observations are recorded in the commissioning issues log, reviewed with building operations, assigned a priority, and distributed to the responsible party for resolution.

Since the program began in 2013, our role has evolved to include providing feedback on preventative maintenance activities, facilitating corrective active resolution and tracking, commissioning recommended low-cost energy retrofits, and commissioning the fire alarm system. The successes of this program include a cumulative reduction in energy cost, a synergy between preventative maintenance activities and commissioning, and application to other owner facilities.